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Boo! Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!

October 31st, 2007 (06:50 pm)

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- Panda

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Tie Your Mother Down

October 1st, 2007 (12:51 am)

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Stolen from composim

I've done these before, but I'm bored and not tired - so I will do another one.

Keeping in mind, I'm on a laptop at the moment which isn't mine, so there's not much music on it - but what's on here is mine.

1. Put Your itunes, windows media player etc on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

Click and have a lookseeCollapse )

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Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day Me Heartys!

September 19th, 2007 (04:55 am)

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Ahoy, happy international talk like a pirate day YARRR!!

- Panda

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Happy birthday to me!

September 6th, 2007 (06:52 pm)

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It was my 21st birthday yesterday!!!!

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A change of scenery, or similar

July 1st, 2007 (03:34 pm)

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I thought I should probably update about a bit of a change I made on Thursday. I finally bit the bullet after having people badgering me about it for a while. So, after much deliberation I went blonde.

I am sort of used to it now, but even still I find myself double-taking when I walk past a mirror, or I get a shock when I go into the bathroom every morning.

There's not all that much to talk about it really. A picture's worth a thousand words, as they say, so here's quite a few thousands of words.

'Heart of Glass' - get it? Blondie. Ahh my humour is lost on you people. Although, if you got it, disregard that previous statement...Collapse )

- Panda

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New People...

June 30th, 2007 (12:03 pm)

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Okay, I will write a few other entries later, but just a quick one to say that I dunno what to do with myself at the moment.

The house behind mine has new people apparently. I had no idea. I think they're having a party or something. They're playing music really loudly for some reason. It's doing my head in.

It's not that they're playing music up so loud, it's the music that they're playing. It's like I was programming the music myself. It's all stuff that I love and I feel like I'm missing a really good party or something.

They were playing 80s music and stuff and making me insanely jealous. I thought it was my mum playing it, so I've gone up to her and gone "Are you playing Little Green Bag?" and she was like "what? no" and then told me that it was people behind our house.

How can I resist singing Choir Boys, Men At Work or Screaming Jets?

That's right... I don't.

Ah well.

That's all...

- Panda

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Melbourne Victory FC V South Melbourne FC

June 25th, 2007 (02:54 pm)

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Okay, it has been a while since the event, but I want to ramble a bit about the Melbourne Victory V South Melbourne match last Wednesday night.

First off, I decided to go shopping beforehand to get a mvfc scarfe because the only one I managed to find the previous week was a Champions 06/07 one [which I bought] and I wanted a plain mvfc one. I was going to go in the morning and then come home before leaving for the match. I didn't get much sleep the night before, so I ended up sleeping in instead and going shopping just before the shops closed. I managed to rush around Highpoint and get the scarfe, a black texta [which I didn't even end up needing] and a pair of nanna gloves. I knew my hands would come close to dropping off from the cold like the previous week if I didn't take some action.

I managed to get all of that done in about 10 minutes and had 5 minutes to spare to have a look at the new Buzz game and almost buy it.

I didn't have anything else to do, so I went from HP to the city and it was really cold, so I decided I would just get the tram and go to the ground. I got there and walked [clearly the long way] around to where the entrance was. When I got there, I saw security guards patting people down on their way in. Granted, I didn't see any females at that point, but I walked up and there were 2 male security guards in front of me. I gave them a look that said "You ain't touchin' me pal" and they just told me to get my bag checked instead. I'm not havin' some random dude coppin' a feel just because he has a security badge on...

When I got into the ground, it was about 6:10pm, so I was 50 minutes early [actually turned out to be delayed to a 7:15pm kick-off] so I sat down in the stand and took out the mX that I had picked up on the way to have a read. Just as I did that, the boys came out to do a warm up. Then, they came down right in front of where I was sitting in the stand, so I thought 'screw it' and I went down to the fence and stood about 2m away from them watching, camera in hand. Meanwhile, I didn't get decent photos because they kept moving.

After all the other guys had gone off the field, I turned around and saw Adrian showing off some of his juggling skills, so I grabbed the camera.

Click here to see Adrian Caceres showing off

After that, I headed back to the stand to make sure I saved a seat for Peter, who was stuck in traffic. Lucky for him that it was delayed, because he got there just as they were about to come out onto the ground. I took my nanna gloves off when the game was going to start and only put them back on at half time and after the game. I needed to be able to clap.

As far as a match report goes, there's one hereCollapse )

I will say one thing though. ADRIAN SCORED OUR FIRST GOAL!!!!!! AWESOME!!! 11th MINUTE! That made me very happy.

Click here to see it!

Afer that, I heard the guys behind me talking about him. I had earlier heard them talking about SEN and quizzes and stuff, so I had a quiet giggle to myself. It's strange that I'm responsible for writing some quizzes for SEN now. Anyway, I heard them talking about Adrian and I heard them speculating and one of them asked if he's a Melbourne boy or if he's from Perth. So, I butt in and turned around and explained that he was born in Buenos Aires, grew up in Perth and is now in Melbourne.

I then heard one of them say "We've got another Bruce MacAvaney here" haha. I will take that as the compliment that it was intended to be. Fact is, they just happened to ask about the player that I know a little but more about than the rest.

As the game wore on, Archie Thompson scored twice:

There was this one in the 33rd minute


This one which was pretty awesome

Danny Allsopp also got a nice goal, some quick thinking.

A clever header

To finish off, we had a pretty exciting goal. A 15-year old VIS player by the name of Alex Tabor finished off a nice set play.

Get excited!

Those videos aren't my own [apart from the one of Adrian juggling], they can be found on the Melbourne Victory website.

Now, I'm not gonna go into detail about flares or fights because I think they're idiotic and stupid [which I'm aware, are the same thing, but I'm making a point] and detract from what was a fun night and a good win by the Victory.

To get 7,500 people to a practice match in the middle of winter on a feezing night is amazing and I congratulate everyone else who turned up for making the effort.

Anyway, That's all from me.

- Panda

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Uneasy Events

June 18th, 2007 (10:58 pm)

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There was a shooting in Melbourne today. Some biker dude was having an arguement with a woman and pulling her down the street by her hair or something and a few people tried to intervene and the bikey pulled a gun out of his pants and shot three people, killing one of the men who was trying to help the woman.

This is a shocking thing to happen, and I think it's very much an anomoly. I think that Melbourne on the whole is a good place, a great place in fact, but there's always going to be crazy people in every place. I would like to think that something like this won't make people think twice about helping someone else out, but it might. That's a sobering thought.

I would like to think that people would try and help me if I was in a dire situation, and I would like to think that I would do the same; do something at least.

While I was on the train home from work on Saturday morning, I was falling asleep. I had woken up the previous morning at 8am and the worked from 1-5am. So, by the time I got the train, I was really drowsey and falling in and out of sleep. This made the train feel like the longest train ride home ever, because I would fall asleep and wake up only to find that the train had only travelled half a stop.

It was still dark at that time of the morning and was foggy and cold from the night before.

I was sitting near the carriage door at the front of the carriage, and I noticed a man sitting closer to the carriage door on the opposite side of the train. He kept looking over at me. I noticed this, and it was repeatedly.

This started to worry me, so I woke up quick-smart. He kept putting his head in his hands and rubbing his face and looking over at me. Then he started looking back into the carriage to see if there were people on it still. That freaked me out, so at every stop, I looked around to make sure there were still people on the carriage too. If there was no people on the carriage, I would've been outta there too.

Luckily for me, there was people still on the carriage, but he kept on doing it and rubbing his hands on his face and then he started laughing. It was like a freaky deranged laugh which really freaked me out. This was closer to my stop, so I was thinking about calling my dad to meet me at the station, but I didn't because it was about 6am, and I didn't want to wake him.

When I got to my stop, I purposely let the doors open and waited until they were going to close, and then I got up and rushed off the carriage. I was on my way down the stairs and I looked back and saw him standing up as if he was going to get off the train which scared me, but luckily he didn't.

When I got off the train, it was still dark and it was about 6:20am so I decided to walk instead of wake up people at home. It was freezing, but luckily I only really felt it on my face, because I had a warm jacket on. When I was walking down the main road [which I don't really like doing when it's dark, but I have no choice] I walked past the roundabout and some random car went around the roundabout slowly two or three times, like they were looking for something or lost.

I didn't like that either.

I got home at about 6:45am, and I was pretty glad to be home and in the warm. I went to sleep at about 8am after watching some of the golf, and apparently my dad got worried because I didn't call him like I normally would on a Sunday morning, so he didn't know where I was and that I was in bed, asleep.

...and I thought I was being nice by not calling and waking him up at 6:20am.

That's all from me.

- Panda

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Practice Match Last Night

June 14th, 2007 (02:30 pm)

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Allsopp nets double as Victory defeats Oakleigh
Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Danny Allsopp

Danny Allsopp scored two goals, while new recruit Joseph Keenan nodded home the winner as
Melbourne Victory defeated Victorian Foxtel Cup side Oakleigh Cannons 3-2 in a trial match at

Jack Edwards Reserve tonight.
An impressive crowd of over 4000 were on hand as former National Soccer League star Con Boutsianis equalised twice for Oakleigh, before Keenan connected with an Adrian Caceres cross to give Victory the lead after 78 minutes.

The trial match also marked the return of young defender Daniel Piorkowski, who came off the bench at the beginning of the second half, in his first appearance for Victory since a hamstring injury sidelined him in December last year.

Victory coach Ernie Merrick said his side had a number of chances throughout the night and are on track for upcoming matches against the China national team, Chinese Super League side Tianjin Teda and the 2007 Pre-Season Cup.

“It was really entertaining stuff in front of another fantastic crowd,” Merrick said. “It’s incredible to get over 4000 people on a night like this and there are so many kids around.
“I think we had lots of chances, we just need to sharpen up a little bit on our shooting in front of goal. There were also some defensive mistakes and these are all things we’ve got to work on.”

Allsopp registered the first goal of the match in the fourth minute after putting the finishing touch on a Grant Brebner free kick. The Qantas Socceroos striker lobbed the ball over the Oakleigh defence and goalkeeper Michael Turnbull as fans were still making their way into the ground.

Victory continued to maintain early possession and push forward, but it was Boutsianis who replied soon after for Oakleigh with a free kick that deflected off the Victory wall and into the left side of the net.

Caceres, Allsopp, Brebner and Archie Thompson all created space and found themselves with a number of chances to regain the lead before half time, but all four struggled to get anything past Oakleigh’s former New Zealand Knights and Qantas Under 23s goalkeeper.

Merrick took the opportunity to use new recruit Ljubo Milicevic in the midfield during the second half, where he produced a skilled display in his second trial match for the club, while Steve Pantelidis was tough in defence against his former side.

Brebner, Caceres and captain Kevin Muscat were creative in the midfield and were assisted by Keenan, who looked dangerous with his lively movements up forward. VIS players Bailey Wright, Steve Hatzikostas and Rudy Saglam also showed promising signs as they made appearances for Victory in the second half.

Victory reclaimed the lead after 56 minutes when a pinpoint through ball from Rodrigo Vargas found Allsopp running towards goal. The powerful striker fired a shot from close range that just made it across the goal line, after Turnbull made contact with the ball.

The advantage was short lived as Oakleigh produced some swift passing movements to create a gap in the Victory defence and find Boutsianis at the back post, who tapped in his second goal of the night.

Turnbull continued to produce some classy saves as Victory searched for a winner, but he couldn’t prevent Keenan’s first goal for the club as the Englishman headed a lethal cross from Caceres into the net.

“It’s a tight little pitch, so Joseph didn’t have the flanks to use. We finished up by pushing him inside and he scored the winning goal, which was good,” Merrick added.
Victory will continue its pre-season preparations with a further trial match against Victorian Foxtel Cup side South Melbourne at Bob Jane Stadium on Wednesday, 20 June. The match will kick-off at 7:00pm and entry is free of charge.

Adrian Caceres - [it's MY journal, so I choose the pics haha]

Melbourne Victory 3 (Allsopp 4’, 56’, Keenan 78’)
Oakleigh Cannons 2 (Boutsianis 15’, 59’)

Melbourne Victory: Michael Theoklitos (gk), Kevin Muscat (capt), Daniel Piorkowski, Ljubo Milicevic, Steve Pantelidis, Grant Brebner, Danny Allsopp, Archie Thompson, Joseph Keenan, Rodrigo Vargas,
Adrian Caceres, Bailey Wright (VIS), Steve Hatzikostas (VIS), Rudy Saglam (VIS), Cameron Watson (trial), Daniel Visevic (trial)

Crowd: Approximately 4000 at Jack Edwards Reserve, Oakleigh

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I'm done with Writer & Research - woo!

June 5th, 2007 (01:41 pm)

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It damned-near killed me, but I managed to get all my Writer & Research assignments done. That includes the one for The Secret River. I dunno how I managed to do it all and frankly, I'm proud of myself.

In the morning yesterday, I was going to write the presentation I had to do in the afternoon and then I realised that I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing it on. I asked Irma and she explained it to me and I was thinking "okay, easy enough". Then she informed me that there was a supposed to be 1,500 words to accompany it.

I was aware of a 1,500 word assignment, but I thought it was replaced by the presentation. Turns out, it was the 1,500 word assignment and a presentation on the same topic. In the end, I wrote it and then made a handout and just read the assignment off a computer screen.

Stupid me forgot to print the assignment. I was having dramas with the printer. I printed out my Secret River assignment and the printing job wouldn't finish up and close. So i cancelled it. Then when I tried to print the handout, the Secret River was still there but frozen.

I had to leave to get my bus soon, and I realised I was cutting it fine time-wise so I managed to manually cancel the Secret River thing and print my handout, which was in colour, so it took ages. Not to mention my computer played funny buggers with my captions, so they were all skewiff... I wasn't overly impressed with that.

I thought I had printed my 1,500 word history thing, but I was confusing it with the Secret River thing. What a debacle...

In the end, I'm done, and very happy about that.

I have a SEED article to write now about how people on a student's budget blow off steem. I'm having a tough time thinking about how I'm gonna structure it too. I have to have it done and emailed to everyone tonight to be workshopped tomorrow in class. I will see how I go. It's supposed to be 1,000-1,200 words. That's not too bad - I don't think.

I should probably do that instead of being here prorastinating and avoiding it.

- Panda