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Welcome To Hell

If You Don't Laugh, You'll Cry

5 September
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The Basics
I felt like this userinfo needed an overhaul. It has been four years after all. I read it, and I didn’t recognize the girl in there anymore. She seemed naïve and completely unaware of any pitfalls which were on the horizon.

I’m now 25 years old, and still from Melbourne. Some things don’t change. My name is still Amanda, and I still get called ‘panda’, and sometimes even ‘minty’ still – among all manner of other things.

The things that do change come from life experience. I am now older and wiser than the girl who wrote the previous userinfo years ago. I have had my fair share of ups, and it seems more often than not, downs. I’ve loved and lost in the worst possible way, and I’ve found love and companionship with a man I truly adore.

People say ‘What doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger’, but I don’t feel stronger when I think of what I have lost in those years since I wrote here. I don’t feel strong when I think about losing the greatest person I have ever met, or that I am ever likely to meet. I feel empty and alone without her. However, the positive that I can take from this loss is more about life than anything else, and how life should be lived, and what I should aspire to be like as a person. She epitomized love, kindness, grace, and compassion, and if I can in my lifetime be even half as truly amazing and inspiring as her, then I know I have done pretty well.

The exceptional man to walk into my life started as just a cute guy passing by in my regular pub of the time. I’d never seen him before, and since I didn’t want to leave my spot in line at the bar, I didn’t know if I’d see him again. He’s a football fan, and he ran in the same circles, so luckily I did see him again. Two years down the track, and I can’t imagine life without him.

I’m a sports fan. I guess I see it as either you are, or you aren’t. Either it is important enough to be above most other social engagements (and is a social engagement in itself, with like-minded individuals), or it’s just not that important. I fall into the former category. I tire of people telling me that it sucks that I go to the football all of the time and miss out on other stuff. The truth of the matter is, I CHOOSE to go to sports events instead of the other things, because I want to. There’s no theatre in the world quite like it. Unscripted and unpredictable, that’s just the way I like it.

I have varied tastes in music, but there is always one constant. It’s all good stuff! That is, in my opinion. I challenge anyone to raid my laptop’s music collection (with my permission!) and not find at least something that they like. There was this classic moment when I had my iPod with me, and I had my grandmother listening to the likes of Tony Bennett and Dean Martin, and singing along. She loved it, and it was a really nice moment. To flip the coin, I also love listening to punk, ska, psychobilly, and rockabilly music, and love my oldies from the 60s–90s. I throw in a bit of classical music as well, just to round things out.

I love many sports, and I grew up with sport as a part of everyday life, and especially the weekends. I grew up with AFL in winter and cricket in summer, but at about 14 years of age, I broke out of the confines of the interests of my family and have taken up interest in so many other things. I enjoy the NRL, the Super Rugby and have always been a tennis fan; and the list goes on.

In more recent years, it appears that football has taken over my life. It’s all-consuming and intense. I love it. It is incredible to have this sport with fanatical support in literally every corner of the globe. It is truly the world game, and an amazing spectacle. The World Cup is something to be watched in awe. I have been lucky enough to be on holidays for a couple of them, and been able to spend my waking hours when everyone else is fast asleep. I can sit there and watch three matches back to back and then wait for the opportunity to do it all again the next night.

My heart lies with Leeds United and Melbourne Victory, but I remain relatively passive about other leagues at this point in time.

Red Junior
I love my cat. He is always around when I need him and he loves me unconditionally. He's a menace, but I adore him for it.

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